The Feudal System was introduced to England following the invasion and conquest of the country by William I. He conquered England. Feudalism was based on duties and responsibilities of the nobles and knights. The nobles promised land food and the knights promised protection.

The factors that led to the decline of feudalism  included crusade, magna carta, black death, 100 year of wars, and kings vs. popes. Feudalism was the social system that developed in Europe in the 8th century and became important.


Crusade's main point was to fight over the control of Palestine.
In the first crusade peasants  were involved and they were going to attack the Jews. In the second crusade French and German kings were involved and they were going to retake land from the Muslims. In the third crusade rulers of England and France were involved and were going to the Holy Roman Empire. In the fourth crusade French knights were involved and were going to attack Constantinople. In the last crusade Muslim armies were involved and were going to take back the holy land. Most of the crusades were unsuccessful. 

Magna Carta

The Magna carta was like New law that A new law that even the king had to obey .The king at the time was king John. The Magna Carta Is the law making body that Governs England today .The Document of listing Right that the king could not ignore. Why they wrote it i think it was to limit the king's power. The new Document made the even the king obey the law.

Black Death

What happened was that Mediterranean  ships traded with Asia and Asia traded with Europe which spread the disease.It wiped out 1/3 of Europe, it was a terrible thing.They used methods to cure it ,but ended up killing them instead. It the disease was speared by rat which bit the person ,which infected . 

100 Years of War

In 100 years of war a lot of people were killed, children, priest, and peseants. It was a hard time for every one including the king. People were just fighting and never stopped. It was a hard time. The war lasted a long time to 1337 until 1453,The war started because the Kings of England - descendants of William the Conqueror who still spoke French -wanted to rule France as well. France was temptingly weak and divided.

Popes vs Kings

Popes and kings were always in battle. The popes thought that they should get as much powre as the kings, but the kings disagreed. They thought that only kings should have much power. The popes thought that they should have as much power as the kings because they were the kings of all the churches and christianity. The kings on the other nhand thought that popes should just be in charge of churches and not the kingdom.